Praise for Acceptance & Smitty

“Acceptance proves that solid students have more attractive alternatives than they ever imagined. This book is filled with practical wisdom.”
Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame 

“What a privilege it is to observe college counseling carried out by Smitty, a wonderfully humane and savvy professional. The reader will be rewarded by gaining a great education about college admissions as a life changing process affecting applicants, their families and their teachers. The book details the wisdom at the top of his game, who counseled hundreds over forty years on the art of applying to college.”
Dr. H. Keith H. Brodie, MD, President Emeritus, Duke University 

“Poignant… This refreshing look reads like a novel and is likely to shock parents of overachievers who cling to the notion that admittance is dependent only upon class rank and test scores… Marcus chronicles the efforts of acclaimed guidance counselor Gwyeth (pronounced to rhyme with Faith) “Smitty” Smith and seven students to find the best colleges for them.”
Library Journal 

“I loved reading this book. It is a superb guide for parents and students about the realities of the college admissions process.”
Arthur Levine, President Emeritus, Teachers College, Columbia University and current President of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation 

“In this moving, funny and deeply humane book, David Marcus reveals the college admissions process in all its bewildering detail and emotional complexity. Marcus shows that, in the hands of a gifted college counselor like Gwyeth “Smitty” Smith, the college search should be much more about self discovery than self packaging. This book should be pondered, not only by those students and parents who struggle so hard to get through the gates of higher education, but by those of us educators who serve as gatekeepers.”
Colin Diver, President, Reed College 

“Dave Marcus does high school students and their families a service by introducing us to the wisdom of guidance counseling guru Gwyeth Smith. By highlighting the fact that college admission ‘is not about brand, but the fit,’ Smitty teaches students that the power of the admissions process is theirs when they take the time to understand and present ”their best truths” to college admissions committees.”
Richard Nesbitt, director of admissions, Williams College

“In this admiring portrait, David Marcus offers a vision of the college application process done right—a thoughtful, sensitive, and decidedly not-one-size-fits-all. In Smitty’s holistic approach, “fit” is paramount, self-discovery emphasized, and students clearly derive long-lasting benefit from both- regardless of the final verdict from individual colleges.
Barry Mills, President, Bowdoin College 

“Watching Smitty help college-bound students make meaningful decisions about the shape and character of their lives will inspire anyone who cares for young people.”
Leon Botstein, President, Bard College

“Gwyeth Smith is one of the last great college counselors. The way he helps a student understand his or her potential is unique, powerful, and well captured by Dave Marcus”
John Katzman, founder of Princeton Review 

“In American suburbia, it is now taken as gospel that there is no decision more significant than choosing the right college—and no accomplishment more exalted than getting in. David Marcus and the man at the heart of Acceptance, counselor Gwyeth Smith, are the best possible guides to these new realities, as they both understand teenagers even better than teens understand themselves.”
Linda Perlstein, author of Tested: One American School Struggles to make the Grade 

“So powerfully readable, you’ll want to make your way through an intense year of questioning and decision-making in the span of a day.”
Pamela Paul, author of Parenting, Inc. 

“Happier and more satisfied students (and parents) should be the outcome for those who embrace David Marcus’ book. Acceptance should be a must-read for all prospective students and their parents.”
Lee Stetson, former dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania 

“Finally, a book about college admissions that gets it right. Amen! This is a “must-read” for anyone who wants to preserve the college admissions process as a positive growth experience and not one that leaves the applicant emotionally fragile, exhausted, and ultimately cynical about education itself.”
William G. Durden, President, Dickinson College

“A well-written account of a wonderfully sensible guidance counselor who shows students why their education, and future lives, will be much richer if they carefully select among the many fine colleges where chances of admission aren’t as low as a state lottery.
Jay Mathews, Washington Post education columnist and author of Harvard Schmarvard 

“Acceptance focuses on the part of the college search process that really matters: students learning about themselves as they apply… It’s a realistic and engaging read.”
Audrey Smith, dean of enrollment, Smith College 

“The narrative masterfully illustrates the importance of self-discovery in the choice of a college.”
Peter Van Buskirk, author, Winning the College Admissions Game 

“A wonderfully enjoyable antidote to the spate of books focused on the college admissions ‘game’ of getting in. Smith helps them by demonstrating how each has the ability to write good application essays, find their true “passion” and represent themselves as people colleges will want to accept.”
Publisher’s Weekly